Inspired by the yearly official /cgl/ census I have started running on my ow surveys in the Dutch Threads. These surveys run twice a year, once at the start of the main con season and once at the end. These surveys feature questions about you personally (age, sex, province, occupation etc), your crafting (spendings, costumes you make, do you compete in competitions or not), although the main focus lies with rating the main Dutch conventions. Once I stop receiving replies I will close the survey and turn the collected data into a nifty infograph which is then posted onto /cgl/.

Of course I understand how we all want to remain anonymous and as such I’ll make sure that everyone who participates in the surveys remains completely anonymous. I will not ask for any names, all questions may be skipped, and individual responses will not be shared with anyone*.┬áThe only data that gets shared in the end are the global results and averages calculated on an individual base.

* Unless you’re being a dick, trying to rig the survey or are mindless spamming it with the intention of messing with the results.