/cgl/ Recommended Store List

Basic tips, advice and general stores

  • Ordering from outside the European union? Be aware that all goods with a combined value of €22 or more will require you to pay BTW plus an administrative fee. Orders above €150 will also require you to pay additional import taxes. You can calculate these values easily using this online tool. Be aware, PostNL requires you to pay these fees with cash when delivered at your door.
  • Don’t fall for items with buzzword names. Glues like Clueyfixx and Duracoll are just standard contact glue with a different label slapped onto it. Clueyprime, PVA Primer and Mod Podge are a mixture of one part white wood glue and one part tap water. You can easily find these items for a fraction of the price at discount stores such as the Action and Big Bazar as well as at your local hardware store.
  • Buying at Ali Express or eBay? Beware that the quality control on these items can be far below average. Also NEVER buy contact lenses on these sites. Don’t be a fool, don’t take any risks with your eyes unless you wan to pull off a convincing blind person LARP.
  • Avoid cheap universal hot glue unless you like having your shit fall apart. instead invest in proper glue sticks, preferably ones that are made for your material of choice.
  • Buying second hand? Be aware for scumbags selling cheap Ali Express stuff for profit! Yes, it does happen quite a lot especially in FB groups. Unfortunately group admins refuse to take any action in this and calling them out in the comments only gets you banned from said groups.
  • Looking for regular make-up, accessories and little trinkets? ICI Paris, Douglas, HEMA, Etos, Kruidvat, H&M, Action and Primark are your friends. In fact…
  • Action sells a lot of useful stuff, and I do mean A LOT. Try browsing it some time if you need some inspiration, cheap tools or trinkets.
  • Other shops where you can find things you have no idea where to look for are: hardware stores (Gamma, Praxis), Chinese/Surinam toko, the (morning) market, Action, Xenos, Wibra and Big Bazar. Also feel free to ask people in the thread for help, they don’t bite.
  • Is this list missing a shop? Feel free to let me know using this form or by sending me an email.

The actual list

NameFoam & worblaPaints, glue etcFabrics & haberdasheryContact lensesWigsCostumes & propsEGLMake-upNotes
AliExpress.comXXXXXXXQuality varies per item
BontShop.nlXUnleash your inner furry
Coscraft.co.ukXXUK based
XXBelgian but with fast delivery
DeKwast.nlXLarge crafts store
eBayXXXXXXXQuality varies per item
Foamtastisch.nlXXCrafts store
Fournituren4fun.euXLarge selection of haberdashery
Pipoos.nlXCrafts store chain
Poly-Props.comXXUK based
ShopIchigo.comXKorean makeup
Wig-Supplier.comXXAlso sells pre-styled wigs

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these stores nor familiar with all of them. If you don’t trust a store, then simply don’t do business with them.