Who or What is Churi-Chan?

Churi-chan (also called Tully-chan) is one of the mascots for the Japanese amusement park Huis Ten Bosch. The park itself is heavily inspired by the Netherlands and features several attractions as well as classic Dutch architecture, a replica of the Domtoren, windmills, tulip fields, Dutch food and small trinkets. As for Churi’s name, it’s a play on the Japanese word chu-rip-pu which means tulip. Shortly after the Dutch Threads became a regular thing on /cgl/ one of the Anons posted a picture of Tully after OP requested some new OP images. Ever since Churi became our mascot as well thanks to her cuteness and her Dutch-Japanese roots. Churi has been used for several OP images, a tiny flag for the 2016 Animecon meet and also became the tripcode of OP further cementing her as out mascot.

Gallery of Churi’s

These pictures of Churi were taken from several sources including random blogs, Google Streetview, and television shows.