Newcomers Guide to /cgl/

Whether you’re new, old or just passing this by, this guide is here to spoonfeed the basics about /cgl/ and how it all works.

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What is 4chan and what makes it so good?

4chan is a message board based on the popular Japanese 2ch. Originally created by moot back in 2003 it quickly grew and became a stable of the internet with boards for various hobbies. The main selling point of 4chan is allowing users to post anonymously, along with the ability of all users to create new threads or posts. This results in a highly dynamic site with content that changes continuously, only the posts deemed as interesting resulting in receiving replies, and nobody has to worry about the social backlash of what they say. With the Dutch convention, cosplay and lolita scenes being relatively small and nearly everyone being connected one way or another this means a fresh wind. One where people can say what they want about what they want without having to worry about the social repercussions that would normally follow. Some might say this practice is weak and cowardly, but others see it as a last resort in a community where criticism is often treated poorly and people are afraid to speak their minds in person because of it. These are the main features 4chan offers and what compels to its users so much.

Why are you all so mean to me? Can’t you all just stop?

First allow me to repeat the following: 4chan is a place where anyone can post whatever they want. Just because there are a few mean posts about you does not mean everyone is hating on you, only that a few people are. There have also been a few proven cases where outsiders came to the Dutch Thread with the sole intention of stirring drama, continuously replying to themselves making it appear a lot of people agree with them, all while the regulars just want to move on as they don’t give a shit. Keep in mind that by sharing the drama with your friends or on Facebook will only bring more attention to it. They too will feel the urge to make rushed replies which only adds more fuel to the fire and keeping the topic alive. The best you can do in this case is to ignore everything and move on. Nothing good has ever come from defending yourself or a friend on /cgl/, and the sooner your drama runs out of fuel the sooner it will be forgotten.

Got any advice on browsing 4chan?

If you’re on a PC or Laptop go ahead and just use the site. If you feel like you need more functions or want to customise the look of 4chan you can use the 4chan X extention script and OneeChan userstyle script. 4chan X adds a bunch of nifty extra’s like having clickable links, opening common links like Strawpoll and YouTube embedded into the page and image tools. The OneeChan userstyle script allows you to easily alter the looks of 4chan based on your preferences but requires the 4chan X script to function. Instructions on how to install these are different depending ont he browser you use and found on the pages linked above.

If you want to post from an Android device I highly suggest using a mobile app such as Clover over browsing 4chan in a browser. It’s open-source, ad-free, safe and comes with build in thread watchers, search functions and just makes 4chan so much nicer to use from a mobile device. Google removed the app from the Google Play Store however due to “pornographic content” as it allows you to visit all boards, so installing has to be done manually. Alternatively there is Mimi which is in fact available on the Google Play store. For iOS and Windows devices I have nothing to recommend to you.

Wait, why am I seeing names and weird codes next to them?

4chan allows users to be anonymous, in other words you are able to use a name. However this is typically frowned upon when done unnecessary and treated as attention whoring. Now in the Dutch Threads we don’t mind it too much when you post with a name when showing off your latest work or progress or when answering questions targeted at you, but keep in mind other threads and boards may be different in this. As for the weird codes, they are called tripcodes and are meant to be used as an unique identifier. The way they work is simple. You enter a name as usual followed by a # and a bunch of text only you know. The text after the # is then hashed (read: computer magic takes place) and turned into different text which is unique to the text you entered after the #. So for example entering “newfag#desu” in the name field will result in your name being “newfag !7m7MOCgUFc”. This is especially useful for preventing others from impersonating you but is and proving your identity to everyone. If you want a cool tripcode that actually contains a word or something you can use a program such as mty_cl. Add the word(s) you want to have in your trip in target.txt, save it and let my_cl.exe run for a while. Any matches you get will be saved in the log.txt file. Secure tripcodes also exist, but those for jerks.

Are there any rules or guidelines to posting?

There is only one rule, which is that all posts have to be made in English. It’s silly I know, but it’s a global rule so unless we end up making our own chan with blackjack and hookers we’ll just have to deal with it. Other than that it’s helpful if posts are actually somewhat /cgl/ related.

As for guidelines, just use proper grammar bcuz nobdy lieks ppl who post liek dis u fag! If you are replying to someone make sure to either click on their post number (upper right corner of their post) or manually enter >> followed by their post number before your comment. This way people will actually know who you’re talking to and get notified with a (you) that someone mentioned them. Also if you want to be taken serious, please do refrain from using emoji.

Anything I need to keep in mind when uploading pictures or videos?

Yes, screenshots of posts may not include any full names or profile pictures, although initials or first names are fine. Also /cgl/ is a work safe board which means no posting porn, gore and such. If it’s spicier than boudoir, it’s not allowed here. Don’t blame me, these are all global rules of 4chan. As for the actual files, they may not be bigger than 4MB in size and may only be of the filetype PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF and WebM. For text heavy images and images with solid colours I recommend using PNG, while photographs are better off posted as a JPG.

Posting video’s on /cgl/ is possible when done as a WebM, however 4chan is a bit picky about which WebM’s it allows. You can use the 4chan WebM-Converter which comes with a simple interface to convert video files to WebM’s 4chan can handle. If you want to do so manually, I suggest using Adobe Premiere and installing the Open WebM Plugin. Then export your video as a WebM using the following settings:

  • Format: WebM
  • Export Video: enabled
  • Export Audio: disabled
  • Image Settings: Match Source
  • Codec settings: VP8
  • Bitrate: variable (preferred) or fixed (higher quality)
  • Use Maximum Render Quality: Enabling this makes the WebM look slightly better but takes longer to export and results in a larger filesize. Just leave this off if you don’t know what any of this means.

How do I get a qt Dutch cosplay gf?

Try Marktplaats.