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churiWelcome to Churi’s Place, a nifty site meant to keep all the information to the Dutch Gull community in one convenient place. Here is where you will find things like our recommended store list for anything related to making cosplays and general crafting, an agenda which covers all major Dutch conventions, and the results of the surveys I’ve ran on /cgl/ in the past as well as any future surveys. We now also have a Discord server going for us which is open for anyone to visit. Do note that while Churi’s Place is directly related to the /cgl/ Dutch Threads, I am not responsible for what gets posted on/cgl/ nor do I hold any powerd on /cgl/. If you are new to this entire 4chan thing or just want to find out a bit more about what makes us tick feel free to read the newcomers guide, now with 100% more spoonfeeding!

If there is anything you need to contact me about, whether it is about the site, the threads or just a personal question, feel free to send me an email at dutchthreadop@gmail.com. You can also mention any post by me, recognisable by the name OP !Tully09Zss in the thread, or mention me on our Discord. And don’t worry, as long as you aren’t being a dick anything you share with me will remain between you and me.

Site updates:

  • 27/02/2017 – Added convention countdowns to the front page.
  • ??/01/2017 – Added Dutch translation and moved to a new domain.
  • 11/10/2017 – Redid the entire store list and put everything in a sort-able table.  Made several minor changes.
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  • 20/08/2017 – Updated con agenda and Discord link
  • 20/07/2017 – Minor changes
  • 04/06/2017 – Updated the Churi-chan on the front page to be even cuter and responsive to screen sizes.
  • 03/06/2017 – Changed the Churi-chan on the front front page, added a “Who is Churi-chan?” page complete with a gallery full of cute pictures.
  • 20/04/2017 – Added a formatted version of the Con Visitng 101 guide from the old Dutch Thread Pastebin.
  • 30/03/2017 – Added a newcomers guide, a link to the Dutch Gulls Discord, changed the intro text.
  • 12/02/2017 – Added another store suggestion.
  • 31/01/2017 – The store suggestion form is now hosted on the site instead of Google Forms.
  • 10/01/2017 – Added two more stores to the list, created a custom link to the “add a store form” on Google Forms.
  • 03/01/2017 – Added more stores to the list as suggested by Anon.
  • 01/01/2017 – Site went live.